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About Mission Hill & Clone High Refuge

Here is a site dedicated to bringing at least two of the best under-appreciated cartoons back to life, using Macromedia Flash. Flash is a super tool designed for web animations, and using it I will bring about at least six episodes, five of Mission Hill, one of Clone High.

Mission Hill is a cartoon that was thrown around on networks, and has probably found its last home on Cartoon Network on Adult Swim and on late-night TBS comedy block. Surprise, surprise, it's actually being re-run and has on occasion received the highest ratings on the massive sunday night Adult Swim lineup. Since the shows demise, five episode scripts have leaked out onto the net through some employees of Mission Hill, and given to the community. They are fantastic reads and are nice for all the fans who yearn for more Andy vs. Kevin action. I hope to keep the original feel of the show within my own work, for the fans.

As for Clone High; myself being unhappy with how it was left, there being only the 13 episode season, and leaving on a fantastic cliff hanger, have written an appropriate ending to the show. It deserved that. Especially on account of the way it was kicked off the air.

Site Credits

First I would like to thank Nelvena, Teletoon, and MTV for the creation of "Clone High", but I would not like to thank the group that felt the representation of Gandhi should not be made a joke, which forced the show to end prematurely. We made fun of our own heroes too, and seriously, it's just a cartoon, and partially for adults anyway, who hopefully could understand the differences.

Secondly, I would like to thank the WB, and Cartoon Network for the creation and displaying of the under-rated comedy "Mission Hill". I understood why Cartoon Network did not pick up the series to continue it, at a budget of 1 million an episode, but I figured Macromedia Flash would be a great (and inexpensive) way to continue making the episodes. (According to this book, [adult swim] considered funding one episode of Mission Hill, but finally decided upon funding a whole season of Aqua Teen Hunger Force.)

All characters, and basis for these cartoons are owned by their respective owners, and I make no claim to the creation of them. I am merely creating fan movies based on the shows that are no longer in production. I do this because I love the series, and am in no way meaning any harm. Owners: It will be obvious to the works that are mine, and what are originals, especially when the works are released. Please don't sue me. Just take it as your work of art is loved, and wants another breath of life.

I'd also like to thank the creators for helping keep the shows alive on the web by distributing information since the shows went under, and also to fan sites such as Mission Hill Online for helping getting that information out to the public.

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