Mission Hill Links

Official Site - It's the official site for Mission Hill
Mission Hill Online - I believe its the only fan site for the show, besides mine and adultswims' "attempt" at a site for the show. Was the first to break the news about the missing scripts and is the best site out there. They recently acquired two lost animatics for two uncompleted episodes. (One full-length, one short)
Yahoo! Groups - A fan listing for the show, but be warned, Spam Ahead! A lack of moderation really killed the once fun place to visit and chat about the show

Clone High Links

Official Site - The other official site for the other show this site is all about. I'm not going to even list MTV's pitiful excuse for a website for the show
Clone High USA - a very interesting fan site that ran along with the show during it's poorly managed run. A fun place to get behind-the-scenes material. I've even seen people on eBay selling DVD sets with this extra material, obviously ripped from this site
Clone High Fans LiveJournal - a place not riddled with spam where civilized people talk about their obsession with the fantastic show by the same name

Cartoon and Animation Links

- sites I go to for inspiration and comedy (and to not get any work done)

Art (in no particular order):
TV's Kyle - DeviantArt - Artwork done in my favorite style. Essentially, Ren and Stimpy, but with their own style
Albino-Raven - another artist that really makes some awesome art
Astonish Factory - keeping the dreams alive in which that kids have imaginations and that grown-ups never grow up. The creators of Herobear and the Kid
Paco Mania - an amazing colorist and artist of many talents
Doodles without Noodles - The person who inspired me to return to my favorite style. Also from his old site: some simple Flash tutorials. Walking tutorials. Power of vectors.
Publick Nuisance - the blog of a creator of Venture Brothers, a superb show, that deserves another season, more than any other show on television right now.
UnderGRADS on MySpace - the creators' page which shows the underground movement to try and get the show back on the air for a second season
Foxtrot/Bill Amend - the creator of Foxtrot has his own website full of nonsense news of his life along with information about one of the most loved comics available today.
Disney Caught in Cycling Animation - Here's a site with images about how Disney has throughout the years used cycling with their cartoons within the same movie and between seperate movies.
Angus Oblong - the creator of Creepy Susie and producer of the fantastic show "The Oblongs". He may not be happy with the direction the show went, but his content for sale on his site is definitly worth checking out.

Ctrl-Alt-Del - a webcomic starring a guy after my own gaming heart. Loves Microsoft and hates every game I do.
Ill Will Press - Hilarious squirrel tells it like it is. Foamy comes at you twice a month.
Alpha Shade - Simply amazing the art you can accomplish in Flash.
The Freshman - A local comic that runs in my, and several others, college newspapers. I did fan art for this guy, which you can see over in the scrapbook area of this site, and up to recently, on his site.
VG Cats - monday (usually) updated webcomic that pokes fun at the game industry in all good fun.

Flash Animation:
Mudbubble - cartoon site and portfolio home to the extremely talented and generous Chris Georgenes. Most known possibly for Home Movies, which you can see on Adult Swim
Keyframer - the code and techniques that Chris Georgenes uses and freely gives away to all inspiring animators
Pileated Pictures - offers games, websites, animation and more for your site, for a price. Some employees include ex-LucasArts employees. Tremendously well-done Flash webpage

Some Other Sites I Manage

Maniac Zombies - a site dedicated to all things Maniac Mansion 1 and 2, and Zombies Ate my Neighbors. A LucasArts Games division fan-site
LucasStyle Entertainment - my home site for the games I am creating with Adventure Game Studio, when I have the time away from making cartoons

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