MHCH Behind-the-Scenes


This page will display some of the behind-the-scenes antics that happen over in the MHCH Refuge studio.

So I recently had a 3D project I had to do which involved creating a worldspace that a scene could take place in, and then run a camera around the scene, showing it off. After brainstorming a whole two seconds, I decided on what subject to re-create.
Clone High

Then perhaps 10 seconds later I decided on Scudworth's Principal's Office. Check out the movie to take a tour of Scudworth's office. The main things I know are missing are the "Welcome Clones" doormat, and the "Principal's Office" lettering on the door. But do try to find the other fun things within the shot. And yes, you are viewing this world from the view of that hideous creature kept within that jar on his side desk near the microscope. Enjoy.(I suggest "Save Target As") (80 MB)

In the process of making more content.

Storyboards and any concept animations may go here.



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