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The Lost Animatics

- created by the minds behind Mission Hill

This site's best friend, MissionHillOnline has received two lost animatics to the lost episodes. He was given permission to post it to the fans of the show. Why are you still reading this. Go watch the six-minute clip and a whole other full episode from the show. Sadly that is all that MH Online was able to get concerning that one episode. I wish it was the full episode. Watch the clips!

The Lost Episode Scripts

- created by the minds behind Mission Hill

The five finalized and released drafts by the Mission Hill team have been released. Obviously, the creators really cared for the show, as the cult followers that have grown up from the show. I am really pleased that they took the time to dig them up, make sure they were correct and finished, and send them out to be read by the adoring fans. Brought to you by MissionHillOnline.

Episode 14 - "SUPERTOOL" (Or, "Meditations on a Career in Advertising")
Written by Ben Kull

Episode 15 - "FREAKY WEEKEND IN THE CRAPPY CRUDWAGON" (Or, "To Grandmother's House We Go")
Written by Michael Panes

Episode 16 - "CRAP GETS IN YOUR EYES" (Or, "Pretty in Pink")
Written by Aaron Ehasz

Episode 17 - "PREMATURE MATRICULATION" (Or, "Death of a Yale Man")
Written by Robin Stein

Episode 18 - "I WAS A TEENAGE PORN STAR" (Or, "Bye Bye Nerdie")
Written by Andrew Kreisberg

Character Previews

Available on the web were character expression sheets of the main cast of Mission Hill, which gave me a very large jump in creating the Mission Hill cartoons. As stated earlier in the news page, I have formatted them into vector graphics...by hand, and here they are.

Jim, Posey, Stogie

The DVD Cover


I created a DVD cover for the collection I bought from eBay. First, the guy wanted way too much money for the episodes, but I caved in eventually. This set did come with a cover, but it seriously was horrid. I'm sorry, it was. It was simple and had very little effort put into it. I love making covers, so it all worked out.
I'll have to make an updated cover to include the flash episodes and any bonus material I may put with it, but for now, here it is.


From the [adult swim] Mission Hill page is this wallpaper. It is simple, and to any web savvy fan of the series, knows where they got their images, but its still nice, and I felt that others may not have noticed that [adult swim] cared enough about the show to even try to make a wallpaper for it.





DVD Trailer

Warner Brothers has put forth the effort to actually run commercials during [adult swim] to get people to buy the DVD. I would have put it on TV earlier than the Saturday before release, but I'm glad they went for actually doing it (If it was on before Saturday, I just didn't notice). Well, anyway's, in case you missed it, and want to see some Mission Hill action, or want to know very little about the DVD, yet still be excited, check out the promo. (Download - 3.74 MB)

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