Dec 12 , 2006 - Site Cleaning


Dec 12, 2006 - Site Cleaning
Apr 26, 2006 - Life Update

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Welcome to the LucasStyle 2-D adventure creation game page. Here will be home to classic-styled adventure games made with exceptional detail.

About the logo and "LSDay"
If you didn't know, February 3rd is the day of LucasStyle Entertainment because our logo "L S" has an uncanny similarity to "2 3" and with that, came the special day. (I suppose this only works for Americans, or all else that read dates in this order, but for you brits and such, your day of LucasStyle will be March 2nd. You all know all too well about delayed release dates for imported games. And if you can't see the "L S", don't worry, you're not the only one, but try squinting, or holding your finger over the top-third. It's very stylized, you'll get it.).

LSDay is a day for release dates and information about games under the LucasStyle label. (February 3rd)

Coming... [2007?]

Missing In Action

Room For Rent


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