Dec 12 , 2006 - Site Cleaning


Dec 12, 2006 - Site Cleaning
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Adventure Game Studio
Game Creation Links

Adventure Game Studio - Chris Jones made an incredible game creator with the help of his adoring fans. It's always changing for the better with each improvement that seem to come so often.

SCI Studio - from Brian Provinciano. This is the program I used to create the fonts up on the downloads page. You can also use the newer, and improved versions for making games. I have not used this editor for that purpose though.

AGS Developer Websites

Screen 7 - home to many adventure games, music creation for your games and one of the most anticipated games of the (insert current year here) year, Indiana Jones and the Fountain of Youth.

Maniac - what inspired me to go back to drawing my favorite style. A great art and tutorial site, coming soon Igor 2! [currently down but you can go here for his online sketchbook][go here for walking tutorials and power of vectors]

Kafka's Koffee - by MrCollosal, this site has many character, background and animating tutorials plus a lot of fun to hang out, just don't drink the koffee.

RickJ - tutorials for AGS including special gui creating ideas.

ShimbleShanks - Host for many additions to AGS. From fonts to templates to plug-ins, this site houses many of the well known parts for making your AGS experience better.

JuncSource - juncSource is designed to provide Adventure Game creators with placeholders, graphic templates, and AGS resources.

MonkeyGames Entertainment - a home for many adventures with new ones rolling out, and if you remember some of their older games releases, you're getting old in this community.

ScurvyLiver - a non-AGS developer, but has been known around our community for ages. Has created and released four games[chapters] since his original games Fate of Monkey Island 1 & 2 got the attention and a 'cease and desist' letter from LucasLegal.

Adventure Links

AdventureDevelopers - In short: it's a place for both those who're interested in playing (independently developed) adventures and for those interested in developing their own games.

AdventureGamers - a bunch of adventure fanatics putting out an extremely professional website with reviews, previews and news of the adventure scene.

JustAdventure - Home to The Inventory, a very well known ezine about the happenings in the commercial and underground adventure scene.

Big Companies And Names That Matter

Autumn Moon Games - Currently working on the beautiful "A Vampyre Story" with the leading artist, Bill Tiller.

Tell Tale Games - Working on Sam and Max 2, Bone 2 and a new CSI game. (Ex-Lucasarts employees.)

Double Fine - Home of the highly regaruded Psychonauts game.

Tantrum Entertainment - Steve Purcell puts his ink down here as well at Tell Tale Games.

Pileated Pictures - former LucasArts employees have taken to streaming Flash media.

and LucasArts - I dunno if you want to go there anymore, but here's the link in case you, for some reason, couldn't figure it out on your own.

GrumpyGamer - Ron Gilbert's Blog of every day [gaming] events.

Prenopolis - Dave Grossman's site. Be sure to check out the pumpkin section. Also a Tell Tale Games employee.

LucasStyle Links

More pages from the mind of Scummbuddy.

Maniac Zombies - Chainsaw Hedgemaze Massacre - A fan-site devoted to covering information about Maniac Mansion, Day of the Tentacle, Zombies ate my Neighbors, and Ghoul Patrol.

Mission Hill & Clone High Refuge - A website of Macromedia Flash cartoons that resurrects cancelled cartoon series with the magic, and non-expensive way, of Flash.

Coming... [2007?]

Missing In Action

Room For Rent


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