Dec 12 , 2006 - Site Cleaning


Dec 12, 2006 - Site Cleaning
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Monkey Island 1 Styled Fonts
Normal Font
Inline Font
Outline Font
Note: The "+" character was replaced with the "é" character. And now that AGS now supports the ability to outline a font, you may not need the outlined fonts. If you do choose to use these, or edit them, I, Scummbuddy, would appreciate some recognition, but hey, I don't expect much. (Now AGS allows the importing of True Type Fonts, so you might not even need these anymore if you can find an amiga-styled font for your use.)
Mittens 2004 Information

Mittens 2004 Report PDF - 550kb
Mittens 2004 Videos - Link

Adventure Videos
G4 Icons: Tim Schafer
LucasArts Cancelled Games Trailers
Monkey Island™: The Play
Coming... [2007?]

Missing In Action

Room For Rent


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