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Dec 12, 2006 - Site Cleaning
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Below are some very interesting reads about game development. Some are art related, some are story, plot and puzzle related. All really good reads for the aspiring game creator. Well, at least in the adventure game genre, because I don't really see any FPS visitors coming to my page looking for these tutorials. Enjoy.

Steps for creating your very own game.
Mostly taken from an interview with Ron Gilbert from LucasArts Adventurer Magazine, plus with some additions made by me!
Download PDF - 53 kb
Ron Gilbert - Why Adventure Games Suck
Who doesn't want to hear Ron Gilbert rant about the state of Adventure Games? Either check out his site and read comments, or get the PDF version here...
Download PDF - 62 kb
How to Draw Monkeys the Lucas Arts Way: An Analysis of the Funny pictures in the Curse of Monkey Island
I've added this to my site, since it's almost impossible to find it anywhere on the internet. By adding this, it fueled me to find other tutorials out on the net, and would resurrect them from disappearing. Most of what is below are hard to find, apart from adventuredevelopers.
Download PDF - 1.32 Mb
Setting up a Room List
The following is an example of a selection of a production book created in the pre-production process of an interactive game. In particular, this page describes some of the rooms and props created for The Curse of Monkey Island. The following content is the copy written property of LucasArts Entertainment.
Download PDF - 104 kb
21 Adventure Game Design Tips by Bill Tiller with Larry Ahern
(an original)

This was a weekly article written for AdventureDevelopers that lasted for 21 weeks. It was a very fun thing to do with the site that kept a lot of visitors coming back. I figured this would be a good place to house it, since here you can read the tips and most of the original comments made by the visitors.Three pages of comments were lost, though.
Download PDF - 478 kb
Tiller Techniques 0 and 1
(an original)
Bill Tiller: "Since my expertise in adventure games lies mainly with art, I initially thought about writing articles on my illustration techniques. But that seemed pretty dry. What I think would be more interesting and useful is to have an open forum for people to get feedback on their artwork. Viewers can submit a piece of art for me to review. In this forum I could talk about what I have learned over the years and how it would apply to that particular piece."

This is a discussion about the transformation of a picture submitted to Bill and allowing him to use his knowledge to change the image into a picture that may be more useful for use in a game.
Download PDF - 101 kb

Tiller Techniques 2
(an original)

Bill Tillers' second, and possibly last, addition to his very well received article on him using an image to show how to use art techniques to possibly make the background a more useable image, instead of just using words.
Download PDF - 353 kb
The Importance of Story by John Campbell
"The general lack of story-telling in video games is pretty pervasive (though not without exception). It is also, in my opinion, a big waste. If there is any medium with which a story could be conveyed powerfully, it’s video games for one simple reason: interaction. The player must take part in the reality the game creates, so they are already that much closer to things like suspension of disbelief, immersion, and identification with the characters."

He goes on to write about how much of an impact that taking the time to create the universe of your character, and the universe of your character, and implementing that, and how much of an affect that can have on the believability and love for your game.
Download PDF - 102 kb

Art of Story Devleopment
"There is no doubt that the writing of adventure games is an art, in the same way that writing a book or play is. It is also a secret art in that a only a handful of game writers seem to be able to produce a gripping game."
Download PDF - 382 kb
Designing the Puzzle by Bob Bates, Legend Entertainment
What is considered the most important text to read and understand in order to successfully create a puzzle adventure game. This document covers what makes puzzles good or evil, and what can be done to keep your game on the right track. Also covered are a pretty definite list of all the types of puzzles you can come across when playing or planning your game. A must read.
Download PDF - 115 kb
Application of Puzzle Theory by Scarpia
A follow up, of a sort, to the 'Designing the Puzzle' article above. With more information, plus a varied opinion of the types of opinion, for this also contains the feedback/comments of those who originally brought up the topic. Another good read for puzzle problems, plus a nice trip down memory lane.
Download PDF - 556 kb
In the footsteps of Guybrush - A 3D background tutorial
A 3Dmax room creation tutorial made by DHammarin, who is obviously as obsessed with Monkey Island as I am. It makes me think that there is a possibility for adventures in 3D in the future, but not now. Not when polygons are too sparse, unless it becomes embraced and stylistic like Grim Fandango.
Download PDF - 964 kb
How To Build an RPG in a Week
Jay Barnson created a long and detailed look at him creating an RPG within a week, including hourly-development diaries, and a post-mortem look back at his time spent.
Download PDF - 290 kb
Pixel Smudging with Ghost
AGS Forum member, Ghost, created a small tutorial about pixel smudging, using Woodtick from Monkey Island 2. What came out of it was a really nice image of what could make an interesting and updated Monkey Island 2 art style.
Download PDF - 265 kb
Misc. Tutorials from Around the Net - Upload 1
Inside here are mini tutorials I've accumulated over the years. Some are well documented, and some are actually only just nifty pictures I find interesting or would like to emulate. There are now four editions of the packages. Monkey Island, Day of the Tentacle, Indiana Jones, and Misc. All original art creators are referenced within.

Monkey Island-style PDF - 246 kb
Day of the Tentacle-style PDF - 470 kb
Indiana Jones-style PDF - 1,787 kb
Misc-style PDF - 246 kb

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