Dec 12 , 2006 - Site Cleaning


Dec 12, 2006 - Site Cleaning
Apr 26, 2006 - Life Update

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News - Dec 12, 2006

Site Cleaning - You can stop holding your breath. You win. I did not release a game throughout the whole year. And I will not be. There is not enough time to give to adventure gaming. I will be having two classes during the winter semseter and six classes in the spring semester so that I may finally graudate. And to top it off, I have a real job that I give my time to; part-time now, full-time after school. When I'm settled more with my new job and enjoying the lack of school, until graduate school, we'll see how adventure gaming can have a part in my life.

And as for that poll I had on the site, yeah, the owner of that free service gave up his website, so the poll stopped working. I guess I will have to finally have to figure out that brainbuster of mini-code for myself.

Hope to see you all soon.

News - April 26, 2006

Life Update - Obviously no game has been released this year as part of the anniversary celebration. I so wish I had the opportunity to do so, but two classes requiring many animation projects this semester has really kept me from advancing anywhere with games and cartoons. Perhaps this summer, a game release can be a possibility.

And I've gotten seven votes on the poll, which is six more than I expected. I'm sorry to say that the game that was to be released is Room for Rent, and will most likely be the next one released. Missing in Action is partially complete already, but does need some fixing and additions. I don't want to let down the first creators of the game and this will take a good amount of serious work to get to a finished product to make sure everyone is happy.

As mentioned on the AGS forums, in the tutorials thread, I found a very neat pixel art tutorial worth a read for anyone. Thanks to Derek Yu for his work.

News - February 15, 2006

Site Updates - The game is well on the way, but in the meantime, I have uploaded updated and previously added content up to this site.

Also, the Monkey Island: The Play videos that I filmed last year have been added to Google Video! It's crazy!

Things updated:
First edition of a website poll.
Added the G4 Icons LucasArts episode.

Things re-added:
Correct links to the Monkey Island play parts.
Link to the trailers for the cancelled LucasArts games.
Added the Mittens GTD Video

Check back soon for the next LucasStyle game release.

News - February 3, 2006

Back In Action - I have taken a short break from my cartoon production, to finish a game I have been slowly working on, so that I can have yet another product to be proud of.

I hope to have news soon about the game as it nears distribution, and that should be within the month. With that update, I will update the site with more up-to-date information, as well as replace video links to working order.

News - Nov 5, 2005

Missing In Action -

Although, not necessarily referring to myself, I have been away, but it is not like nothing has gotten done behind the scenes. I am now able to announce that LucasStyle has picked up the reigns to finish the much anticipated game, Missing In Action.

Using AGS, foz and his team of system cell, came up with a "Cannon Fodder" clone, where you control several soldiers on the field of combat.

Screenshot of in-game sniper level.

Screenshot of gameplay and combat.

More to be announced and shown when I can fully immerse myself into the gameplay, as I am picking up a game that was half-way completed. I have to know every aspect of the code and where the game needs to grow before I can begin the final stages of the game. As soon as I can update the progress, I will do so.

On the website side, well, it's been awhile since I gave this site some tender loving updates. The tutorials will finally be updated, and even the poll will be finalized.

Coming... [2007?]

Missing In Action

Room For Rent


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