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Dec 12, 2006 - Site Cleaning
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Cancelled LucasArts Adventures - G4 Show

Shows the trailers for the beloved, yet cancelled, 2004 games Full Throttle 2, and Sam and Max 2.- Download (8.87 MB) 2 1/2 minutes

Icons: LucasArts - G4 Show

Here is another G4 show (the only good one) which features LucasArts as an Icon of the gaming industry. See if you notice the last remaining bits of "Tech TV" mentions in logos before they were finally removed. Why associate a bad channel with the once loved TechTV? Also look for behind-the-scenes information on their upcoming Sam and Max and Full Throttle games! Oh wait, see post above...- Download (19.3 MB) 12 minutes

G4 - Icons: Tim Schafer

Describes the past gaming life surrounding Tim Schafer, and how his team is coping with the final days till the release of Psychonauts. I definitely suggest "right-clicking - save target as" for these. (Now hosted by MonkeyGames and MixNMojo)

Icons (Part 1) - Download (27.9 MB)
Icons (Part 2) - Download (18.5 MB)
Icons (Part 3) - Download (20.8 MB)
Icons (Part 4) - Download (23.4 MB)
Icons (Part 5) - Download (24.9 MB)
Icons (Part 6) - Download (28.0 MB)
Icons (Part 7) - Download (22.6 MB)

Monkey Island: The Play

Director Chris Heady put on a play at his high school featuring the Monkey Island license. I just so happened to live 20 minutes away, and without further adieu... here they are. (All below are linking to subtitled versions.) Hosted by World Of Monkey Island. Originally I wanted all three of the Monkey Island sites (World of Monkey Island, Legend of Monkey Island and The Scumm Bar to switch weeks at releasing an episode, but only World Of MI was able to make the dates, so they received all distribution releases. I want to thank them for their enthusiasm and their help, especially Dalixam.)

You can either use the links below, or use Google Video as the MI Play was recently added to it. Check it out here.

Sunday, June 5, 2005
MI play - The video  
[World of MI] are very proud to be able to present the first part of the MI play recording to you. The first clip is 10 minutes long and the next clip will be released next week, so don't freak out if the ending seems a bit abrupt :). The whole video is recorded, edited, and distributed by Scummbuddy of LucasStyle Entertainment, so he deserves all the credit.
Monkey Island (1)- Large (40 MB) Small (11 MB)

Sunday, June 12, 2005
MI play - Part 2  
Due to circumstances beyond my control involving a duck, 30 old ladies, an alternate ending to Star Wars Episode III, and my right shoe, WMI can also present part two of the MI play video to you. This episode will have you leaping out of your seat, like many of the audience members did, as we see Guybrush search for the Legendary lost treasure of Melee Island. You will also meet the incredible, scene-stealing, Voodoo Lady. Watch the references to Indiana Jones and The Incredibles. Can Guybrush really hold his breath for ten minutes? Find out in this weeks exciting episode.
Monkey Island (2)- Large (40 MB) Small (11 MB)

Sunday, June 26, 2005
MI Play - Part 3  
Scummbuddy has informed me that WMI is now the official host for the Monkey Island play and I am happy to present the third clip to you. This week, did Elaine come to the dock to see Guybrush drown? Will Guybrush get this insatiable need to finish his three trials more quickly? Will Guybrush fare well against... The Machine!? Will Guybrush learn his insults in time to fight the Sword Master? Will he even be able to find his way to the Sword Master's house? Find out this week when Guybrush closes in on completing that third trial... Mastering the Sword.
Monkey Island (3)- Large (40 MB) Small (11 MB)

Sunday, July 3, 2005
MI Play - Part 4  
How will Guybrush fare against the Sword Master? Will he fight like a cow? Will Bob come to Melee to kidnap Elaine? Will the town of Melee come to her rescue? Will Guybrush figure out how to get to Hook Island without falling to his doom? Will Guybrush take on the beast that haunts Meathook to this very day? Has Meathook succumbed to being so lonely? And, why is there a broad-swordsman running around Melee? Find out in this weeks installment of... The Monkey Island Play!
Monkey Island (4)- Large (40 MB) Small (11 MB)

Saturday, July 9, 2005
MI Play - Part 5  
A mighty fine week in Melee Island entertainment that we be havin’ for you all this week.
See the true Fester Shinetop! Finally meet Otis, that lovable scamp. Watch Guybrush get his final crew list ready for setting sail, as soon as he gets a ship. Will Guybrush be able to avoid paying for ‘Porthole defoggers”, or will he fall into the saleshype from Stan? Watch as Guybrush prepares to ready the ship, and…and will that cursed bottle ever stop rolling?!?

Find out today, in an all new episode of Monkey Island - the play!
Monkey Island (5)- Large (40 MB) Small (11 MB)

Monday, August 1, 2005

MI Play - Part 6  
Now that Guybrush has finished his business with Stan, he’s off to round up his crew, once again, and open the sails towards Monkey Island and rescue the governor. First he must again discuss personal matters with… The Voodoo Lady! After that eccentric character, we finally come to Part 2 – The Journey.

See the Sea Monkey as it braves all weather. Will it hold up long enough to bring our travelers to Monkey Island? What will they do once they get there? Who even got directions to find Monkey Island before setting sail? Will the old Captain’s log help Guybrush?

Find out now, as you watch Guybrush and his mutinous crew take on the arduous task of sailing to Monkey Island.
Monkey Island (6)- Large (40 MB) Small (11 MB)

Friday, August 19, 2005
MI Play - Part 7  
Come one, come all! Come see how fast Guybrush can stuff a banana into his pants! Meet the locals of Monkey Island, and what Island madness is all about. Learn local customs, such as borrowing things from others and never giving them back. Come see an actual monkey on Monkey Island! And learn how to barter for your life with your new friends. And don’t mind whatever smacks the camera in the middle of the episode...

And is there more to these abrupt endings then to just keep you on the edge of your computer chair? Will Guybrush get the key to unlock the Giant Monkey Head to save his love, Elaine? Find out next time, whenever the heck Scummbuddy gets to it.

So, for now, enjoy almost twelve minutes of Monkey goodness, in Episode 7: Guybrush Walks Around For Awhile!
Monkey Island (7)- Large (40 MB) Small (11 MB)

Thursday, September 29, 2005
MI Play - Part 8  
Yarr, I wanted the thrilling conclusion to the events that unfolded upon Monkey Island to be revealed on the annual “Talk Like A Pirate Day’ but alas, that did not happen. But you may still celebrate the day, by reading along with the now-subtitled episode 8, and let me say, for square-zies, that the final chapter, nine, is so close, you should be able to taste it, if not for you losing your tongue in a vicious battle between you and your parrot. Crackers couldn’t keep his mouth shut, but now you’re the one who can’t talk.

Episode 8 – Part 3 – Under Monkey Island

See Guybrush con the good people on the island into adding to his inventory! Watch the dramatic opening of ‘The Giant Monkey Head’! Will the Head of the Navigator bite Guybrush as he tries to wrangle the necklace away? Will Guybrush be amused at the spontaneous ghost pirate’s jig? Will Guybrush be able to locate the root, to later create an anti-plasma ghost solution? Will Guybrush gain the respect of the local fauna? Find out [again for some] in today’s release of Episode 8 – Under Monkey Island!
Monkey Island (8)- Large (40 MB) Small (11 MB)

Saturday, October 1, 2005
MI Play - Part 9 (Ending)  
Monkey Island - Episode 9 - Part 4 - Guybrush Kicks Butt

Will Guybrush dispose of all ghastly ghosts in his way, while finding LeChuck and his love, Elaine? How will Guybrush get off the island? Will he return for his wonderful crew? And if that’s not Elaine under that wedding dress... who is it!?! What will happen during the final showdown between Evil and Inept? And of course, what IS the Secret to Monkey Island?

Download the final part of the MI play below:
Monkey Island (9)- Large (40 MB) Small (12 MB)
Mittens 2004 Videos - hosted by Iqu

AGA Gone Bad (4.55 MB)

AGAs' Fate is Casually Discussed (4.64 MB)

Eric's Time Traveling Abilities Caught on Film (4.58 MB)

Mittens Olympics Best Dart Throw (1.06 MB)

CJ Learns About Technology (3.22 MB)

Eric's Dad Runs Over 2 AGSers (6.26 MB)

Grundislav Succumbs to Cabin Fever (1.72 MB)

Grundislav Teaches Canoeing (No One Listens) (2.03 MB)

I Don't Know What Jess Is Doing (1.42 MB)

Insult Noodle Fighting (Not an Olympic Event... yet) (15.6 MB - Long)

Jet-Teresa (an Obvious Set-up) (2.71 MB)

Caught On Tape: m0ds Discovers Twinkies (1.12 MB)

MrColossals' "Favorite" Inventory Item of His House (3.74 MB)

netmonkey Ruins Another Shot (3.02 MB)

Master Shake Teaches Us All About The Dangers of Having Teeth (4.45 MB)

Stuck Inside (Bored) (5.38 MB)

The Chris Jones Show (15 MB - Long)

What AGS Really Stands For (11.2 MB - Long)

Will AGA Fall Off the JetSki? (3.85 MB)

World's Cheapest Water Slide (4.03 MB)

Now the AGS New Cult Icon, I give you "WitchFish"

WitchFish Discusses the Mittens Meals (2.03 MB)

WitchFish Gets Confused (m0ds With Inappropriately Placed Pencil) (2.29 MB)

WitchFish Meets Dave Gilbert's Uber-Graphics and Wrath (5.12 MB)

Mittens 2004 Game Theory Discussion

The first of several clips from the Mittens 2004 Game Theory Discussion. Our topic for the night was about the importance of the ending puzzles in games which can make or break a game's success.- Download 10 minutes

More clips to come!

Coming... [2007?]

Missing In Action

Room For Rent


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