Dec 12 , 2006 - Site Cleaning


Dec 12, 2006 - Site Cleaning
Apr 26, 2006 - Life Update

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News - Aug 5, 2005

This just in... -

To start off, let me say that I am currently taking a break from developing games. Well, of course I can never really take a break since it really is a part of me, but I am still doing research and development in my spare time, but for the most part, I am trying my best to concentrate solely on developing the web cartoons that I am currently producing in Macromedia Flash.

That being said, I can go on with more news...
The Monkey Island play can now only be found at the World of Monkey Island. Including this weekends release, there will be only three episodes left!

I hope to have a good amount of the cartoons done by the end of this year, so I can go back to my other love, creating games, but for now I am doing voice work and backgrounds of my cartoons, and that is taking up all my time currently.

Also, the G4 Icons show with Tim Schafer that I copied, edited and uploaded has found a new home with better bandwidth abilities. I have changed the links respectively.

News - June 10, 2005

Monkey Island - The Play -

I was so fortunate as to go over my monthly allowance of bandwidth three times last month. It's alright, I paid the extra cash to cover it, but I will not be having so many videos up for download at once. At least, not hosted by myself.

Now, on to the new videos...

Over in the videos section, are links to the videos I taped, edited, and subtitled myself. As of this weekend, the second video should be up, and once it is, the links here will be updated, accordingly. We have them under a distribution idea to split all nine videos up between three Monkey Island sites, which follow this pattern.

June 4: World of MI
June 11: Legend of MI
June 18: Scumm Bar
June 25: World of MI
July 2: Legend of MI
July 9: Scumm Bar
July 16: World of MI
July 23: Legend of MI
July 30: Scumm Bar

Thus making it quite the Monkey Island summer.

News - May 24, 2005

New videos are down -

Well, since random people were linking to my site from their respective blogs and such, I have exceeded my bandwidth for the site. But that's fine though. I am happy that so many others enjoyed the shows that I have put up. I will try to put them back up when the next month's allotment comes.

"25501.04 MB Used of 26000 MB"

I thought I was going to be able to make it until the end of the month without going over, but apparently 382 people downloading the movies is too much.

If you haven't caught it yet, hope you can wait just a little longer.

News - May 13, 2005

New videos are up -

Up today are two G$, I mean G4 videos (hey, they even call themselves "Greedy Productions", its not just me). One about Full Throttle 2, and Sam and Max 2, being cancelled. It just combines both trailers to show off, and no new information came from it. Just more distraught and tears.

The second video (in seven instalments) is the G4 Icons show, featuring Tim Schafer and his happy group as the countdown the days till the final release of Psyhonauts, plus they dive back in time to the days of LucasArts and discuss his involvement in those fantastic games.

You can catch both these videos by heading on over here.

Coming up later, is the Monkey Island™ play that went on in Maryland, USA, as I was lucky enough to live so close to the play, (20 minutes) that I was able to bring my camera on over and tape the show. It is an hour and 30 minutes, so it will be broken up for downloading goodness.

Also, the writing bug hit me, and was able to get through some storylines spots that I had been stuck on earlier, but of course, writer's block hit me, so I went back to working on the videos.

News - April. 27, 2005

Credit Where Deserved - It turns out, I mis-credited the creator of the background of the bar in Pester Quest. It was originally created by tamper, but I only saw Czar bring it up on the forums and incorrectly assumed it was his, while we were all talking about the AGSBar. It was my mistake, but when Czar found out that I had stated it was him, he corrected me through private messaging and told me the story. He went on to say that he is working, when he can, on creating a new bar background for use in the game, and will go with the re-release of Pester Quest, sometime in a few months. Along with the graphical update, some minor jokes will be added for replaying pleasure. Especially obvious jokes that newbRoger would definitely have made, given the chance.

In other news: I am working on getting those updated PDF tutorials online, but my PDF converter doesn't seem to want to work anymore and will just freeze my computer. Fantastic.

Also: I am working on converting some Sam and Max cartoons into AGS, using the soundtrack (voices) from the actual shows, and using the "Hit the Road" graphics. It's more of a reason, just because, to do it, just to see it if works well, and if people like it.

News - Feb. 28, 2005

Pester Quest Released - Days ahead of time, Pester Quest is now in zip form ready to be played. Remember that it is a fairly quick game that puts up a joke every now and then. Also that this game is not for everyone. It is more a game for the AGS community and within that, people that have been around awhile and have dealt with their fair share of annoying new people.

It's not for putting down new people to the community, but it is just a compilation of all the goofy stuff some have said over the years. Remember, we were all n00bs at some time. Except Chris Jones, of course.

Get Pester Quest here.


News - Feb. 15, 2005

New Hosted Sites - I've decided to start bringing over my other sites, under the LucasStyle domain, and first up is my Flash cartoon site, MHCH Refuge. It is a site that remembers the good cartoons that were taken from the air before their time. Mission Hill (MH) and Clone High (CH) are the two most prominent cartoons that I feel deserves a second chance, so I have gone to great lengths to adapt the cartoon styles into Flash, and will eventually get cartoons equal to a 30-minute television show. The to-be-made Mission Hill cartoons were written by the actual writers, and released on the internet when the show went defunct. The Clone High script was written by me, and I feel captures the essence of Clone High perfectly.

Now that had nothing to do with adventures, so lets get with that. Pester Quest will have a release date of March 2nd. It is several days away from starting beta testing, and that shouldn't bring up many faults, if any. So, do not fret, you will soon be able to annoy members of the AGS community soon enough.

*Edit* Now, a second site has joined as hosted, Maniac Zombies. That is also a site I maintain as a devotion site to none other than Maniac Mansion (1 and 2) as well as Zombies Ate My Neighbors (1 and 2). Head on over there, if you haven't already, and check out what it's all about.


News - Feb. 8, 2005

Forums are working - Although I'm not expecting many to flock there until more serious game developments are brought about. You can check them out by going here, or by jumping to our little forum section of this site.

I'm sorry to disappoint the few who are looking forward to that release of Pester Quest. Things came up I was unable to control, but fear not, I did still get quite enough done of the game that the release is still not too far from happening. I sincerely believe that it will be up before the Brit day of LucasStyle.

It also stumbled on a mistake of mine. I did not put up the remade Tiller Techniques 1, even though I had all the images for it, and that will be soon fixed. My pdf program works a little spotty.

And if you look below, a clever little link is now added to allow for people to comment on news items directly on the boards.


News - Feb. 3, 2005

Welcome to - Today is the day of LucasStyle and along with that, I finally went ahead and purchased the domain through and am also being hosted there.

If you didn't know, today is the day of LucasStyle Entertainment because our logo "L S" has an uncanny similarity to "2 3" and with that, came the special day. (I suppose this only works for Americans, or all else that read dates in this order, but for you brits and such, your day of LucasStyle will be March 2nd. You all know all too well about delayed release dates. And if you can't see the "L S", don't worry, you're not the only one, but try squinting, or holding your finger over the top-third. It's very stylized, you'll get it.)

But hopefully, the new domain name won't be the only surprise today. Perhaps even a game may surface today. No promises though. But that is the real purpose of LucasStyle Day. A day of game releases, or so it was planned to be that way last year, but fell behind schedule the previous year before. But that happens when you can't dedicate all the time you want to doing something so much fun.

Check back later for more updates.


News - Jan. 12, 2005

New game announced - It's not one of the unannounced games over in the game section, but it did just come up while making Room for Rent. It's called Pester Quest, where as you take on the persona of a newbie to the AGS way of life, and you walk around trying to get a normal status. It's just a goof-game where some members of the community make an appearance. It was actually a stab at creating the AGS TV Show, but was having too much fun making dialog for the characters. If this game is well received, I just may take up making those mini-webisodes. More pictures up in the Games section.

Also, I have put up my accounts of the 2004 Mittens gathering online here. I know some people had trouble downloading it previously, so its up now in the downloads section. Also you can find the link to the Mittens Videos.

News - Nov. 20, 2004

New website online - Welcome back to LucasStyle, a company that strives itself on preserving the old Lucas feel of classic 2-D adventure games.

Just [literally minutes] after the last update on this site with tutorials, the adventure site AdventureDevelopers came back to life bringing most of their old content back. For now, the tutorials will remain here as well, since mine have the extra comments along with them, but now all are updated with the additional images that some were lacking. Others were updated with additional information as you can now see over in the tutorials section.

Olds - Aug 29, 2004

Tutorials Overhaul - The tutorials section has been revamped with many tutorials online in pdf form. Many are ones salvaged from and some are from my own findings of the net and such. The ones from adventuredevelopers are mostly complete with comments made at the time by many respected people in the indie-community, and are a fun read to 'see back in time'.

Some, such as ' Tiller Techniques #1' are incomplete though. The one mentioned is missing all the images. I wish I had saved them earlier, back when they were online. If anyone knows where I can get them, I would appreciate a message with them sent along or a link. Also, I don't have all the comments for all the "21 Steps" article. I believe I'm missing three, but I can live without that. Just as long as I have the tips is good enough for me.

Olds - Aug 15, 2004

Happy 2nd Anniversary LucasStyle! - Wow, for being around the AGS community for over two years, I have accomplished nothing, but hopefully gaining some recognition. But as anyone on the forums knows, to get known is to release a game, and that is the only thing I have yet to do. But really, it's not all about "being remembered". It's about what you do, and what you give back to the community. I feel bad, because I have all these ideas to share. Hmm, starting off a celebration with a downer. Well, how about a brand new-spankin' page. Yeah, that's what I thought. Things will change around here... just as soon as I can get some more time.

Olds - February 20th, 2004

Recap - Wow, what a winter season. Creating cartoons in Flash, learning a little about Dreamweaver, trying to create an AGS website for CJ for the competition. And not much work has been done game-wise. That's the part that bugs me the most. I've had a very busy schedule over the past year, along with most developers, but I feel bad, because I have these ideas that I would very much like to get into games and into your computers for you all to enjoy. I feel so compelled to making the best storylines for these games that I work too hard, and I get a little burned out and then writer's block ensues. I will try the new technique of working backwards through the story. My main problems seem to be the middle section, the bulk of one of the main games. I remember a year ago planning out the game creation schedule, and I see how far behind we've become here. Lucas is a terrible manager.

I just hope Proskrito can help us out still. He's also a busy man. But boy do his backgrounds, not to mention character art, rock hard.

So, in closing, we will be updating more often this year than once a month last year. These games will be made.

Updated by Scott

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